Transits of Creation

En Fabricació
  • Iknoto
    2n semestre 2018
    Collision is an investigation project that beguins from the very most intimate part to speak about the most universal things throuhg juggling.
  • Nom Provisional
    Qui cu qui què quina
    2n semestre 2018
    The collision between their two individual worlds will create a universe full of absurdities and the answers are never easy when finding a middle point.
  • Un loup pour l’homme
    1er semestre 2018
    FACE NORD is an acrobatic quatuor created by 4 men. With this residency, we will aim at exploring the script - full of rules and physical games - with a new team of 4 women.
  • Viso & Rachel
    Va pian e fa presto
    1er semestre 2018
    Two parallel universes, apparently irreconcilable: male and female, tall and short, strong and agile, slow and fast. Actions and reactions are triggered between them and through the objects that characterize them.
  • Voël
    1er semestre 2018
    Sometimes the day begins empty of hopes...we don’t want to explain any story but just the journey of someone that one day finds her happines where she had never thought: hidden among daily things.
En Estudi
  • Débile Emmental
    Ternura y chocolate
    2n semestre 2018
    It's a birthday. He is alone, waiting for his guests. but nobody will come. Ternura y chocolate speaks of nostalgia and loneliness, but above all of love and violence. At which point does something tragic become funny?

  • Olga (provisional) – Cirq Analogique
    Olga (provisional)
    2n semestre 2018
    OLGA is a visual and auditive underworld in which another reality is possible. A confession, an epiphany, a reconciliation with our uniqueness.
  • Silvia Capell – En Diciembre
    2n semestre 2018
    ...and then she came, with red lips, poorly painted. And I could not tell if it was blood or carmine...
  • Cia Madame Gaüc
    1er semestre 2018
    Fil is their first creation process: a birht. Birth: first of all major disasters. In relation to their specific nature their opinions are diverse.
  • Collettivo TERZO Livello
    1er semestre 2018
    Gazes converge on a distant horizon, hidden between the bones of an ancestral oracle. Along with a tiny melancholy we will be knitting the giant nooks of our ancestors, that one day not so close, we might forget.

    Cocoon forest
    2n semestre 2018
    A place for children with autism spectrum to connect to their body and mind. Relaxing in hanging cocoons combined with circus, music and ligth.
  • Despatí
    1er semestre 2018
    Where can you get with a score, a tone, a note, a time, a breath, two octaves higher, or a vibration? Déchets is an experimentation between two bodies, a wheel and musical concepts.

  • Sebastian Belmar
    Caminante del cielo. El origen acrobático
    1er semestre 2018
    An analysis of acrobatics as a founding element of circus disciplines with the aim of rescuing the origins of this discipline and its anthropological, ritual and social value in some cultures.
De Mar a Mar
  • Psirc
    El meu nom és Hor
    companyonatge experimental
    It is a story based on real events. A mirror identity that reflects an archeology of human relationships and acts on the scene as an inventory of apparently empty gestures.
  • Marta Camuffi - Mumusic
    Flou Papagayo
    companyonatge individual
    FLOU PAPAGAYO is a flow and not a theater. It is a massive and global flow. It is part of everywhere and it corresponds to everything. It's an inexplicable show that it simply is. It happens And we do it.
  • Francisca Sanhueza i Michele De Riu
    1er semestre 2018
    Within our white cloud, we are two bodies that jumble and separate to return to the same point, two spots that mix to form a single mass.

Crossed Barcelona-France
  • Zaniia
    Jamais en retraite
    Institute Français de Barcelone The tragic-comic story of a strong and delicate bond between two elderly people, told through an acrobatic bike and a slack rope. Where is our grandmothers place in today’s society?
  • Dulce Duca
    Sweet Drama
    2n semestre 2018
    Life is a SWEET DRAMA! It’s caothic and full of imperfections just like us. Get the peace among this chaos...this is the light. And the light only exists if there is darkness.
  • Elena Zanzu
    2n semestre 2018
    Manipulaciones goes deep into pain, fear and consent into and around of an artistic practice. An ethical exploration of extreme vulnerability areas.

  • Cia. SOON
    1er semestre 2018
    A través de la acrobacia y el humor los dos artistas ponen el foco en su relación de amistad y en cómo transitan de la colaboración al conflicto, buscando el equilibrio entre gregario y líder.

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