La Central del Circ

La Central del Circ is a creative space which makes the resources available for artists needed for training, practicing and continued education dedicated for circus professionals. La Central del Circ makes its space covering over 3,000 m2 at the Parc del Fòrum in Barcelona avalable for artists, accompanies them in all the areas and phases of their work, from everyday training to the residence for creation, including continued training, international mobility and artistic accompaniment for the different phases in the creation of a spectacle.

La Central del Circ’s mission is to support the circus arts and accompany artistic projects in the areas of creation, management, production and dissemination, encouraging the development of circus arts and their creators, generating synergy with other arts and promoting the interrelationship through local, national and international networks.

The objectives are:

  1. To offer circus professionals a creative space, providing them all the resources necessary to train and practice in the appropriate conditions.
  2. To ensure the continued creation of the circus in Barcelona, to become a space where artists can experiment with ideas and contents, and to provide resources for circus creation.
  3. To encourage creators to perfect and develop their work through continued training.
  4. To promote shared knowledge and connections between artists. To become a space where different artists from generations, disciplines and backgrounds can meet, a space to share knowledge providing space to trends and aesthetics, especially those coming from research work.
  5. To become a diffusionp platform for companies and artists and to reinforce their external connections via participation in local, national and international networks with other creative and diffusion centres for circus.
  6. To reinforce the connection between space and territory, bringing the circus closer to the people and promoting the creation of new audiences.

La Central del Circ forms part of the Fàbriques de Creació de l’Institut de Cultura de Barcelona [Creation Factories of the Barcelona Institute of Culture] network, which is designed to generate spaces to develop creative projects for artists and which recognises the circus as one of the city’s strategic arts.

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