The team of La Central is formed by:

Ione Hermosa, management:
Johnny Torres, artistic director:
Nini Gorzerino, project director: 
Raúl Los Arcos, “Boni”, security and maintenance expert:
Irene Soler, productions expert:
Míriam Alagarda, user attention and administration:
Mila Rodríguez, communications:
Marissa Paituví, community mediation:

Call for job offers:

There is any open call at this time.

The Association of Circus Professionals of Catalonia (APCC) is the body that manages La Central del Circ.

In addition to this task, it represents the different professional branches of the Catalan circus: artists, technicians, entrepreneurs, representatives, managers, directors, playwrites, scenographers, choreographers, critics, theorists, teachers, etc. The goal of the APCC is to promote and standardise the circus in all its forms and to provide it, as an intrinsically cultural element, with the same category as other scenic arts.