Discipline meetings

The goal of the meetings is to open a space so that artists of one discipline can share experiences and different work methodologies.

The meetings are organised in three blocks which share four work and training days for a specific discipline:

  • collective work (training)
  • participation of an external speaker on the specific training methods for the discipline (warm-up, techniques, stretching)
  • communal living (leisure space for informal exchanges and share breakfasts, lunches and coffees)

We have planned 2 discipline meetings for 2016.

Calendar: Vertical rope (August) and hand to hand (October)


2nd to 5th August 2018


user La Central: 40 €

NON user: 50 €

We are publishing more information very soon.

Registration process: closed


11th to 14th October 2018

Registrations will open on Monday 27th August

If you have any doubt/question you can mail us at info@lacentraldelcirc.cat


  • La Central user/APCC member: 25€
  • General: 40€

4 days to share experiences and ideas about the discipline. Training, workshops and much more.