Continued training

Promoting professional artistic creators perfection and development through
continuing training is one of La Central del Circ main goals. The continuing
training programme offers several workshops combinations addressed to
professional artists. These are run by first level artists who teach across
Europe, having a wide experience in researching work development and
education about his discipline.




Free workshops, with previous selection of participants, depending on the available spots and the criteria of the atelier.

All workshop include a final presentation on the last day (Saturday) in the frame of a festival or place in the city.

with Yaëlle Antoine and Didier Préaudat
15-20 October
10am-5.30pm (Mon-Fri). Saturday, shcedule TBC.

Writing in situ playing with spaces, bodies, fragmented narratives, raw images, a bare circus. Sharing the singular and specific working elements that Compagnie d’Elles developes to detect the writing of a circus in situ.

The workshop will finish with a final presentation of the work realised during the week in the frame of Festival Escena Poblenou.

*For physical artists of all disciplines: circus, theater, music…;
*Maximum 20 participants;
*Workshop in french/english;
*For the presentation only autonomous structures might be build up. To take into account for those artists that work with strucutres;
*Free with previous selection. Commitment to attend minimum 80% of the workshop.

Registration process: closed.


with Christian Coumin and Pau Portabella
10-15 December
10am – 5.30pm (Mon-Fri). Saturday, shcedule TBC.

Collective creation in situ focused on the surprise and exploitation of space, based on the abilities and achievements of each artist participating. Discover, master and inspire yourself from the place itself. Understand and discover other participants. The objective will be to build together in function of the group and space.

Experiential collective experience, transforming the material in favour of a common goal of an express adaptation, trusting (into oneself and the rest). Just allowing things to happen.

Bring your circus equipment if you use it, without forgetting those unusual capacities (and the necessary utensils) and musical instruments.

*For young artist, individual or duet, who had finished its studies 1-3 years before and is working in the frame of personal research or needs to go back to experimentation. Important to be in the mood of work in a dynamic of collective research;
*12 participants: 6 catalan + 6 french;
*Workshop in french/catalan;
*Free with previous selection.

Circus workshop organised in the frame of the european project DMAM.

In collaboration with Studio-PACT Toulouse, Le Lido and La Granerie.

Registration process: closed.