Transits of Creation

  • Compañía de Circo
    1r semestre
    Our starting point is the need of human being to gather around something in common. Espera proposes an artistic experience to stimulate the desire of the audience to participate and not only being a spectator, who watches without being seen.
  • Cia. Zero
    1r semestre
    Mixing circus, music and theater we invite you to enter into a world of dreams and memories. Get to know some strange characters, who can put infinite realities in and out of balance.
De Mar a Mar
  • Elena Zanzu
    Miradas interiores
    1r semestre
    Miradas Interiores (Inner Looks) is the first phase of a project about alterations. A week without seeing, inside and outside of a room, to explore other potentialities.
  • Amer i Àfrica circ cia
    1r semestre
    250 kg of straw and 125 kg of human flesh. Two people play through movement, balance, humour and the composition of the space with the concept of the human stupidity.
  • Los Galindos
    1r semestre
    They would not let themselves be beaten by indifference, they like to obsess over things of the imagination and improbable feats, surprise becomes accustomed to a search for singular naturalness, an unexpected everydayness, suspended logic.
  • El Lado Oscuro de las Flores
    1r semestre
    A fight for the reflection, a loss of control and the need for recover it. Blows and caresses, from the most intimate place, that will result on physical and corporal laughter.
En Estudi
  • Jose & Dani
    1r semestre
    A couple, they know perfectly each other. Even so, a surprise appears in every encounter. They don’t talk about love, this non usual couple talk with their bodies: about freedom, flight and adrenaline.

  • Joel Martí y Pablo Molina
    1r semestre
    We are eager to inform you that our show Random is on it's way. Featuring dance, tight-wire, handbalancing, knife throwing. All we can say is that you will be released unharmed, and possibly revitalized after the disconcerting experience of rampage you will witness.

  • Amir and Hemda
    1r semestre
    Two acrobats, partners on stage and for life, sharing their relationship with the audience., revealing the good the bad and the ugly of their journey together. Acrobatic movement , partnering and hand to hand.
Dynamic Residence
  • Dani Ginebroza
    Projecció de semiòtica corporal
    1r semestre
    The theater has the function of analyzing culture, and its core concept is the body. Acrobatics is an essential way for corporeal knowledge. It projects semiotical concepts as balance and concentration to enjoy a greater sensitivity.

  • ES (Emiliano S. Alessi - Mau Pradas - Feliciano G. Zecchin)
    1r semestre
    One stone, three stones… many stones. A road, a bridge, a house, a city… just one stone, alive. ‘STONES’ presents a moment, a space and a concrete intention. ‘STONES’ is an unusual performance in which the body finds its balance upon one of the planet’s raw materials.

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