Dress Rehearsals

Another unique moment to come and be in La Central del Circ is during the dress rehearsals that the companies offer every year.

La Central, through its technical residence, makes a place to stage rehearsals available so that you can prepare your creations, before premièring a spectacle outside La Central del Circ.

The last step before a creation sees the light. And you can be the first to be there.

  • Dress Rehearsal Call 2017: Proyecto Precipicio
  • Applications: 9


Friday 29th of September of 2017 · Proyecto Precipicio presents Lugar

Two women are living, in a state of equilibrium, on a wire whose characteristics change: it stretches out, loosens and curves itself, thus drawing different spaces. Tiny but always mobile spaces that might build up places, inhabitable shapes.

Is a genuine place possible where everything is movement, instability and crisis? All in all, what is a place, a human space, inhabitable, in a world perpetually off balance?

The line becomes path, trace, memory, idea, word. We follow this line, its alterations, its whims, to explore our way of being on earth (within a few centimetres…)

Ticket: 4 €
Limited capacity. Book your ticket in Entradium following this link or one hour before the show at La Central.
info@lacentraldelcirc.cat // 93 356 08 90 (from 10am to 5pm)