Shows by Resident Artists

EP, which means “extended play”, is used to name a musical form to long to be considered a “single” and too short to be considered an album. An EP usually lasts about 20-25 minutes. And we have based our work on this concept to create the new Show by resident companies. 

But we have also changed the name, and we call it: EP (Extended Performance) 

La Central will offer different creative rooms to 4 companies so that they can develop and research their creations and present them in public under optimal conditions.

A unique moment to see first-hand and go into depth into the work. These are experiments which are nourished at La Central del Circ and which are at the beginning of their creative stages, or which will be presented shortly, or new adaptations….. Fresh ideas to experience close up!

Upcoming EP: 17th and 18th March 2017



The most risky and innovative circus will be present in this new edition of EP, a night where the artists will show their work in progress and interact with the audience.

In this fifth edition, EP will show the work of the companies Psirc (El meu nom és Hor), Cie. HMG (3D), Companyia Soon (Gregaris) and Jose&Dani (Ningunapalabra).


PSiRC is presenting El meu nom és Hor, a piece that combines acrobatics, balance and body puppets. This is a show in progress  about Hor’s life, that lives refugee, far qaway from the decisions that he should take, in an absolute silence that makes the past, present and future ghosts grow up, where the loss and the meeting are confused. Or maybe not.

This company was born in 2011 and its previous show, Acrometria, was 4 years on tour, being shown in more than 100 venues.

Director: Rolando San Martin.

Performers: Adrià Montaña, Wanja Kahlert.



3D by Cie HMG shows an acrobatic game through a circus structure of human scale, it works as an extension of the body, as a prosthesis for the movement. This performance, by this French company who is in residency in La Central del Circ, has 3 configurations, in a space of 3 dimensions. Its identity is made by the combination of a cold and metallic line and a wood curve. A piece that is completed with the closeness of the audience, it creates a relation with the materials, the space, the other.


Cie HMG was selected to be part of the project ‘De Mar a Mar’, in the omdality of young companies. This EP will be one of the few opportunities to see this company in Spain.

Idea: Jonathan Guichard.

Performers: Cyril Malivert i Jonathan Guichard.



Companyia SOON is in EP with Gregaris, an acorbatic piece where Nilas Kronlid and Manel Rosés play and explore the limits of the other, never losing their complicity. A race with no finish line that leaves them to absurd, poethical and risky situations.

This couple knew each other in the School of Dance and Circus of Stockolm and were part of the Company Balagans, winner of thge Gold Medal  of the 32nd Cirque de Demain 2011. Manel Roséswas also part of the show InTarsi of the company EIA, he won the Zirkolika Award 2015 to the best circus act.

Performers: Nilas Kronlid i Manel Rosés.



Jose & Dani are presenting Ningunapalabra, a couple that know perfectly each other but in each encounter they can find a surprise. they are not talknig about love, they talk with their bodies. This young duet evoque freedom, flight and adrenaline.

This couple has recently finished their studies in the École Supérieure des Arts du Cirque from Brussels, they won the Silver Medal of the 38th Festival Mundial Cirque de Demain 2017. Nolwadays, their are developing their first creation that will show in EP , while they are part of Terabak from Kyiv, a show that was created before the revolution of Maidan in Kíev, directed by Stéphane Ricordel, codirector of the Thèâtre du Monfort in  París.

Idea, creation and direction: Jose & Dani.